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Six Autumn Interior Upgrades

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1. Add Some Heavy Metals: 

An all-white or muted grey interior may tick all the boxes but works well too as a ‘blank canvas’.  Why not add a wintry twist with a metallic accent; unpolished copper or bronze are on trend. (No more fake rose-gold!).

Grace Loves:  Brass Mirror Shelf, Anthropologie, £32

2. Consider Textures:

A mixture of textures adds visual interest and feels deeply luxurious. This season is all about velvet, so a chunky throw and cushions will feel super-cosy.  Pair with rustic, wicker accessories and knit fabrics for maximum impact.

Grace Loves:  MADE Velvet Cushions, £40

3. Keep It Fresh:

Try to not get too fixed with your styling – I’ve always got tons of mood boards and sources of inspiration on the go. Look for little touches and ideas that just lift a room, or add unexpected visual interest. I recently discovered the At Home Box Company, founded by Anthea Turner and Sarah Jones. Every month I will get a series of four treats for me and the house, they'll keep me inspired all of the time which I LOVE!

Grace Loves: The At Home Box Company, from £23 per month

4. Live for Light:

Autumn and winter are the perfect time to experiment with mood lighting. At the moment, my favourite way is to group candles together on tables and hearths. I try to use different heights and widths but keep to a similar colour scheme for ultimate effect. Look for complementary wintry scents too to add to your ambience. 

Grace Loves: Neom 3 Wick Scented Candle, £45

5. Layer Your Theme:

Using one theme throughout your home such as in the kitchen through to the dining room and living area is a great way to tie your interior together. The layering technique can create a seamless feel, so add accessories with a similar feel to each room; vases especially work really well. 

Grace Loves: Oliver Bonas Sabbia Vase, £32

6. Have a Winter Home Check:

I know it’s almost boring, but a mid-winter flood will destroy any ‘Hygge’ fantasy instantly, so make time to get pipes lagged, fires professionally cleaned, boilers serviced and drains cleared.

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