We know that tiredness can cause puffy eyes, but it’s also a common complaint as we age. The tissues and muscles around our eyes naturally weaken and the fat that helps to support the eyes moves into the lower lids, causing them to look puffy and enlarged.    

There is plenty of advice available to help reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, such as applying a cool compress and making sure you get a good night’s sleep, but if these suggestions aren’t working, here are my top makeup tips to reduce puffiness around the eyes.


  1. Be careful where you apply your concealer. Those of us with dark circles may be used to applying concealer to brighten the skin directly under the eyes, but enhancing the skin in this area will make the puffiness stand out even more
  2. Instead look for the shadow or crease directly under the puff of your eye and gently blend your concealer into this area. Doing this means that it doesn’t recede quite so much and the bag will stand out less
  3. Avoid lining your lower lashes with any dark colours such as black, navy or brown as this will also accentuate the puffiness
  4. Instead apply a bronzer or blush to your cheek bones to accentuate other features and create a healthy glow






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