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"I want every WOMAN as they age, to look and FEEL their most beautiful and confident version of themself"



What is it about youth that makes us yearn to be young again?


As I hit 50 I found myself feeling almost desperate about being labelled as ‘middle-aged’ - losing my looks, no longer attractive and becoming invisible with no real value?

Maybe I was just playing back the anti-ageing stereotypes and social norms, or was it my own low self-esteem talking. Either way, I didn’t want to feel like that or worse, patronized for my very existence.

Beauty doesn’t just belong to youth, it’s ageless


I want to celebrate my age, wear it proudly and feel truly confident. To be represented in advertising, by the very brands trying to talk to us. And as for products, they need to be designed with me in mind. as for products, they needed to be designed with me in mind.

74% of us feel that many productS and services don't reflect our needs


..and that’s how I felt about the beauty industry’s ‘one rule suits all’ approach to makeup. All I could find was dressed-up versions of mainstream products that just didn’t seem to work for mature skins.

PRO-AGE beauty, developed 100% by women for womeN


And so Studio10 was born. What we need are 'quick fix’ solutions that target the signs of ageing, formulated with the best skincare ingredients, and are easy to use. Products that deliver the biggest punch for the least amount of effort!


It’s our shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty that makes us look good, and feel even better.



I’m passionate about redefining beauty for women as they age, and redefining age. Standing up to be the pro-age, pro-beauty voice that gives us the recognition we ALL deserve. So, let’s stand united and challenge these outdated misconceptions of middle-age that leave us feeling invisible, undervalued and unattractive.

When we let them have power, they take away our confidence and rob us of our beauty and dreams. Let’s do it for ourselves. And let’s inspire the next generation to stamp out ageism once and for all. It’s time to be seen, and be heard.


We want to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences on all things beauty, ageing and embracing later life. To keep the debate and discussion going, we’re calling for one off or regular contributors, so why not put pen to paper and have your say.

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74% of us feel that existing, 'anti-age' beauty products do not reflect our needs and that's exactly how I felt with the beauty industry's 'one rule suits all' and dressed up versions of mainstream products that just didn't work.

I was in my late 40s when I founded this range, I needed easy to use products, skincare enriched pro-fixes that cover and correct signs of ageing with formulas, textures, colours and the best finish tailored for mature skins , and that's how Studio10 was born!

Just a few short years later, I'm delighted to be able to claim celebrity , MUA and press fans including India Knight, Sunday Times Style, who claimed it was 'genius'. But for me, it's the praise that I get from each and every one of YOU that really makes the difference. Your feedback shows you share my belief that it's a shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty that leaves you feeling truly visible and confident.

My passion is to redefine beauty for us all, but also redefine age . I want women to know that we ARE beautiful, as visible and valuable, as our younger counter-parts.


Join me in our mid-life movement.. . let's stand united to challenge the outdated assumptions and stereotypes of middle-age that don't represent how we feel or live our lives, as well as invisibility and ageism .

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