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Goodbye, Signs of Ageing

We all know, as women in our late 30s and beyond, that it's easy to get stuck in a makeup rut, using the same products for years and applying the same colours the same way. But we also know our skin changes as we get older, and our faces need a fresh approach to makeup. 

STUDIO 10 is an innovative range of  age perfecting, skin perfecting and problem 'quick fix' makeup giving women the ability to look more youthful as part of their daily routine.

Giving you the knowledge and know-how with pro techniques and insider tips, step-by-step videos and at-home masterclasses mean that in a mere stroke of a brush you can create a younger, fresher you - an instant facelift.

Only in its infancy, the brand has created a cult-frenzy with instant celebrity, MUA and press fans including India Knight, Sunday Times Style, who claimed it was ‘genius’.

STUDIO10 is the inspiration of industry insider, Grace Fodor.

Working alongside dermatologists and internationally renowned makeup artists to explore the 'aesthetics' of makeup to correct, conceal and cover the signs of ageing. 

She'd reached a point in her life where she wanted products that were more than added anti-ageing ingredients, but ones that cover and correct the signs of ageing with formulas, textures, colours and the best finish tailored for maturer skins.

Grace is passionate about not only redefining beauty for women as they age but also redefining age.




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