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Goodbye, Signs of Ageing, Hello Ageless Beauty

Studio10 is an innovative PRO AGE range makeup designed specifically for women as they age and at a time when 74% feel that exisitng products do not reflect our needs.


Being in my 40s, that’s how I felt with the beauty industry’s ‘one rule suits all’ and dressed up versions of mainstream products that just didn’t seem to work for me.
grace fodor
I wanted easy to use products, skincare enriched pro-fixes that cover and correct the signs of ageing with formulas, textures, colours and the best finish tailored for mature skins.

It’s our shortcut to flawless skin, lit from within radiance and ageless beauty that leaves us feeling truly visible and confident. We’ve got celebrity, MUA and press fans including India Knight, Sunday Times Style, who claimed it was ‘genius’, but for me, it’s the praise that I get from each and everyone of YOU.

That’s who really matters - 100% made by women for women.

My passion is to redefine beauty for us all, but also redefine age. Let’s celebrate age - we ARE beautiful, as visible and valuable, as our younger counter-parts.

Join my movement and let’s stand united challenge the outdated assumptions or stereotypes of middle-age that don’t even represent his we feel or live our lives, invisibility and ageism.




Hello Ageless Beauty

Join us to redefine beauty for women as we age, and get our e-magazine with interviews, step-by-step lessons, beauty & fashion advice. PLUS we’ll gift you 15% gift for your first order!