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Vitamin E has featured in skincare and beauty formulations for many years, though more recently the newer, trendier ingredients have ‘stolen’ centre stage.

However, Vitamin E’s skincare benefits are just too abundant to overlook – soothing, hydrating, protecting and collagen-boosting to name just a few (and you know how I love a multi-tasker!).

So, this week, I’m delving deeper into this notable nutrient, showcasing its versatility and hopefully helping you understand why it’s one of my most prized actives.

What is Vitamin E?

Strictly speaking, Vitamin E is not a single active but instead a group of oil-soluble antioxidants that help protect and enhance the integrity and beauty of our skin. The two compounds we specifically use in our Studio10 formulas are tocopherol and tocopheryl acetate – perfectly safe and effective for human use.

Vitamin E naturally occurs in the body, helping shield our skin from the effects of a whole host of modern-day skin stressors including pollution, stress, smoke, UV rays and general unhealthy living. Rather inconveniently however, time and sun exposure deplete our natural levels of Vitamin E – meaning the remarkable moisturising, calming and shielding benefits diminish, along with our skin’s free-radical-fighting abilities. For these exact reasons, we add Vitamin E back into our skin through our skincare and beauty formulas. Levels are replenished, free-radical fighting resumes and youthful radiance is once again restored.

Though we can – and should – certainly boost our stores of Vitamin E by eating a diet rich in green and yellow vegetables, nuts and olive oil, several studies have concluded that topical application of antioxidants such as Vitamin E get to work much more quickly than those we consume. An ideal reason to get checking those labels and making sure Vitamin E features in your beauty routine!

What are the skincare benefits of Vitamin E?

I mentioned earlier that I love a multi-tasker… and this seemingly unassuming, yet absolute wonder-worker of an active proffers no less than four formidable beauty benefits.

Most importantly, Vitamin E enhances our skin’s antioxidant defences, helping us all enjoy younger, fresher and more radiant skin for longer. 

Every day, environmental stressors such as pollution, unprotected sun exposure and smoke cause our skin to produce free radicals – which many of you will know damages our skin cells, collagen and elastin (essentially, our skin’s support structure). The effects are far from favourable… inducing premature ageing, fine lines and age spots.

Vitamin E’s outstanding antioxidant properties help limit these by fighting free radicals on the skin’s surface. What’s more, team it with Vitamin C and combat free radical damage at an even higher level – further boosting collagen production and delivering smoother, firmer and brighter skin.

Vitamin E is a natural photo-protectant, meaning that – aside from fighting free radicals – it also absorbs UVB light, therefore helping protect against UV-induced damage (in the specific case of UVB, burning). Indeed, several studies have shown that topical application of Vitamin E helps neutralise free radicals before they cause any damage to our skin cells. Ideal! 

Vitamin E’s natural SPF level is exceptionally low however; at only around SPF3, and therefore it goes without saying that it should never alone be used as an SPF. Instead pair it with your sunscreen and enjoy enhanced protection against sun damage, as well as preventing a host of other related concerns, such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots and fine lines.

 Vitamin E is a super soother, thanks to itsnatural anti-inflammatory qualities – which also mean it can help aid skin’s recovery from any wounds.

How? Vitamin E is fat-soluble and can therefore penetrate deep into skin to help preserve lipids. Lipids are our skin’s natural fat stores and are essential in maintaining the resilience and efficacy of skin’s protective barrier function. If this barrier is damaged, Vitamin E essentially helps repair it.

 Vitamin E helps skin stay hydrated, supple and plump. Very much linked to my point above, by maintaining a strong skin barrier function, Vitamin E in turn reduces trans-epidermal water loss – locking moisture into skin and keeping it soft, resilient and healthy.

Can all skin types use Vitamin E?

Though Vitamin E naturally occurs in our bodies, it is recommended that those with acne-prone, very oily or hypersensitive skin either avoid this active or first carry out a patch test.

 Should we use Vitamin E every day?

Absolutely. Like so many of the highly effective skincare actives in our Studio10 formulas, you encounter the best results from layering them. With Vitamin E so prevalent in serums and moisturisers, this isn’t hard… making sure it’s also in our makeup is an even better boost.

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