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New Year, New Skin

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The New Year is here, and chances are your skin is showing the effects of too much partying, too little sleep and a serious lack of care.  Make a change for good and put your best face forward for 2016 with our best beauty resolutions yet.



  1. Ditch the face wipes: Beauty editor Sali Hughes recommends a simple cleanser and face cloth for gentle exfoliation.  Face wipes don’t clean the skin effectively and simply wipe dirt and grime around the surface of your face.


  1. Change your regime: If you struggle to remember to remove make-up at night, skincare specialist Sarah Chapman suggests doing your cleansing regime as soon as you come home from work instead, you’ll still feel the benefits within a week!


  1. Tailor-make your concealer: Stop plastering party-worn skin in foundation at once, and instead try a palette of skin-perfecting colours designed to hide imperfections from bags to redness.

Our Age-Defy Skin Perfector, £28, instantly corrects, conceals and covers up the signs of ageing including fine lines, pigmentation, dark circles and redness.

  1. Up your hydration: Every time you send a text, or an email, take a sip of water. Aim to fill a litre bottle twice a day and in no time at all you will be feeling the benefits of better focus, detoxed digestion and sparkling skin from the inside out.

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