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Enjoy Believable Bronze at Any Age

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Believable Bronze

Our founder Grace had the enviable task of a weekend in Majorca recently, where she discovered the amazing Heliocare Sunscreen. It’s a full factor sunblock, that isn’t sticky or grim and she loves it. 

It got her thinking though, that even though we all know to take care of our skin in the sun, it’s still lovely to come home with some extra colour.  Whatever your age, little says ‘healthy and well’ like a naturally bronzed glow Karlie Kloss would envy. 

So, in honour of the British summer, here are our top tips too perfect all-weather, any-age believable bronzing.

The technique:

  1. Prep the skin with a primer and concealer if necessary to ensure an even coverage
  1. Using a matt bronzer and an angled brush, draw a stripe from the centre of your nose to the top of your ear on both sides of the face
  1. Using a wide, fluffy brush, blend the bronzer outwards to avoid harsh lines.
  1. Brush a warm gold highlighter across the high points on the face to lift your features and create radiance.

Pro-tip: AVOID bronzers with glitter, or an orange base.  A natural, slightly bronze colour is best for a natural effect.


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