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Create an Easy Eye-Lift

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One of the biggest questions I hear from the women I meet every day is that as they’ve aged, it’s gotten harder to know what to do with their eye makeup. 
The good news is it’s EASY with a super-simple colour wardrobe… and a couple of pro-fixes to define, sculpt and brighten in an instant!
Always use an oil-free primer to smooth lids and help your shadow ‘stick’ for long-lasting wear – great if you have slightly ‘crepey’ skin.
Grace’s Pro Tip: You can also use concealer as an alternative as it covers any discolouration while creating a great base for shadow.
Use a matt ivory shade across the whole lid up to just above your brow bone to create a uniform base.
Use a mid-neutral shade (with a cool and grey undertone) above the eye socket.  You’re creating a natural shadow which makes the lid look bigger and adds shape.  You then need to add a triangle of dark brown shadow to the outer corner to elongate. 
Highlight the brow bone and use a shadow that has light reflecting pearls and soft shimmer for an instant brow lift.  
Use a nude, not white pencil, across the inner-rim of the lids for  ‘wide-awake’ eyes.
Apply eyeliner pencil and smudge across upper and lower lashes.  Black can be heavy and harsh, so look for a dark rich brown or grey - they’re much more flattering.
 And to finish, two coats of mascara and you’re done!


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