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Bronzed and Beautiful

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There’s an old saying that ‘everyone’ looks good with a touch of sun, and whilst we love a flawless English rose, we are fans of the golden and glowing look too!

Follow our NEW step-by-step video and guide to get the look just right in an instant – no harmful baking required!

Choose a glitter and orange free bronzer, with blue undertones, for the most natural looking tan.



Prep your skin with concealer, only on the key areas you wish to perfect.


Dust bronzer across the face. A light veil remember, just until the colour of your face matches the rest of your body.


Build up on areas of the face the sun naturally hits - your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose.


Blend, blend, blend. A good fluffy blush will ensure there are no tell-tale streaks. Don’t forget to go into your hair and jaw line.


Highlight for a sun-lit glow. Finish with a highlighter across the centre of the forehead, high-points of the cheeks and brow bone for a sun-lit glow.



With the holiday season looming, Grace has found the ultimate summer-skin solution, and in one bottle!  Tancream uniquely combines SPF 50 sunscreen and self tanning agents with the most luxurious face and body lotion that has a tint of natural bronzer.   

It’s the inspiration of co-founder Gillian Robson’s who’s life changed dramatically four years ago when she found out she had skin cancer. After searching worldwide for a product that she could use every day, did everything she needed it to do and that didn’t exist,  she decided to develop her own.  


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