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Beauty Without Boundaries

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At Studio10 Beauty our mission has always been about celebrating the skin you’re in – loving your looks and making the best of yourself anyway you want to.

That’s why I was so proud to see this wonderful look video from beauty influencer Megan Rose Lane.

We’re known for being the only brand aimed at women as they age, so it might seem strange to love work by such an obviously young woman.  But we’ve found that younger women are loving our approach to beauty too – we cover and correct many concerns that women of all ages look for and our ‘buildable beauty’ approach works for all women who like a different level of coverage.

Megan is a wonderful example of our message because she, like all of us, struggles with her own self-confidence at times. 

On her Instagram feed, Megan talks about her skin and how she finds it difficult.  She’s obviously stunning so we think she’s incredible for being open and honest about it.  The more women address their insecurities and embrace themselves, the more confident we can all be which is just wonderful.

As founder of Studio10 I also find myself frustrated by the idea that the only way I can promote my brand is with lines and wrinkles.  I can love Judi Dench, adore Lupita Nyong'o and celebrate the wonderful Malala Yousef.  I genuinely believe that knocking down the generational boundaries will make ageism a thing of the past.  

We’re women, we’re beautiful at all ages – let’s just celebrate that however we enjoy!

Megan’s Look:

This look is glamorous and ideal for evening, it’s all about the highlight and rosy glow.

If you want to pare it back, it’s very easy.  Our 6-in-1 Perfect Lash Mascara makes fuller lashes easier without falsies if they’re not for you and our Perfect Canvas is ideal for buildable coverage.  I’d recommend keeping the defined brows, though – fuller brows are far more flattering as we age to define and shape the face. 

Watch the video in full here >

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