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Jane R - 01.01.14

This is such a brilliant idea and so handy. I love contouring my cheeks for added definition, but so many products have shimmer in them which can look awful! The cheek colour blends into a lovely flush and the highlighter is great on cheek and brown bone.


The term ‘anti-ageing make-up’ tends to be a bit of a misnomer, indicating that a formula might have a few protective antioxidants or radiance-boosting particles added to qualify the description. Rarely however does the make-up itself do the actual anti-ageing work, which is what makes the innovative new Studio 10 range so special. Case in point: the Visible Lift Face Definer palette was conceived as a ‘make-up facelift’, combining a pretty rose cream-gel blusher to give cheeks a fresh flush without sitting in the pores, sculpting powder to define the contours of the cheeks, temples and chin, plus a highlighter that has an instant lifting effect on the tops of the cheekbones.

The Sunday Girl Blogger & MUA - 07.05.14

Contour palettes are TWO A PENNY and let me tell you I am sick to death of muddy contour bronzers and stark highlighting options. What ever happened to subtle definition? Well if you are a fan of a natural approach to contouring you may want to try this! Sure Studio 10's aims are to cater to mature skins but do you know what their soft formulations, delicate shades and thought out palettes really do appeal to all!

Susannah Taylor, Editor in Chief, Get the Gloss - 07.05.14

Sculpting powder to instantly contour and define cheekbones - adding a natural-looking shadow, it’s a great way to enhance your face in a very subtle way. By applying it to the eyelids, you can get away with not applying eyeshadow if you’re rushed for time too. Combined with the blusher on the apples of your cheeks, the products create a healthy-looking glow that doesn’t look too ‘done’. The highlighter is then an ideal finishing touch for a luminous radiance to the skin - apply to the inner corner of your eyes for an extra wide-awake boost.

Strawberry Blonde Beauty, Blogger - 15.05.14

I’ve been loving the Visible Lift Definer, complete with the most perfect contour powder I’ve tried. Super finely milled, this has ZERO orange tones, yet isn’t grey or muddy either, making it perfect for subtle enhancement of cheekbones or even a sweep of bronze. The cream blush leaves a dewy finish on my cheeks, either patted on with a finger or applied with a stippling brush. Although it looks quite deep in colour, the sheer texture means it isn’t at all scary, more of a natural blush shade. I don’t usually go for a gold toned highlight, but this one is a very pale champagne gold, which leaves a subtle sheen on the tops of cheekbones and brow bones - very flattering and daytime friendly, this isn’t at all OTT (not a speck of glitter in sight).


The Face Definer makes the whole process entirely painless with formulations containing hyaluronic acid and a unique antioxidant and vitamin complex to give your skin even more of a boost.

NeetTweets - 07.12.14

I'm a massive fan of this palette and agree with all comments - it's changed how I complete my look. I adore the highlighter - if only it were availalable separately - it is beautifully subtle and a joy to apply.

SuseS - 05.01.15

I absolutely love this face definer product. I'm on my second palette, and it has become an essential part of my daily make-up. The results at lifting and creating a more youthful look are amazing and perfect for a girl like me who is fast-approaching 50.

Scout - 10.01.15

Great contour shade! Not too bronzey and fairly easy to blend. Very mild highlighter, good for highlighting beginners or those no make up make up looks. Sweet and quite transparent blush that needs to be blended well for an even result. The highlighter and blush are cream formulas and the contour is a powder. And here is where it gets a little weird for me... Since the recommendation is to begin with the highlighter, then contour and lastly the blush, blending will be quite a bit more challenging than necessary. Personally I rather begin with contour and then add highlighter and blush. And in both instances it would have been way more versatile and easy if all the products were either cream formula or all powder. At least the contour and the blush should have the same texture imo. Interestingly the Studio 10 makeup artists seem to think so as well, since they are for sure using all cream products in their instruction video for this product...;) The (cream) contour shade used in the video is also way more yellow in tone compared to the powder product you get when buying, and the highlighter and blush seem also more intense in the video. Contour wise the real product is a winner, however, like I said in the beginning. Great shade!

ANYA - MUA - 14.01.15

This is the best ever contouring kit I'm come across - AMAZING!! The powder is the perfect shade - no bronze or shimmer - and as it it super-milled and silk, it blends just like a creme. Means you can mix and match the textures easily. I understand they you an start with a highlighter - I like to do this sometimes as part of the foundation, perfecting the complexion stage. So it blends and smooths into the canvas, then I contour and finish off with a flush. Other times I contour first, then highlight and blush. Perfect shades and textures - the highlight has gold undertone so very flattering, and the blush has a translucency so really looks like 'flush'

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Best-selling all-in-one pro kit to cheat your way to Hollywood-esque bone structure.  No bronzer in sight featuring a true sculpting powder to define, shape and contour the face.   Soft matte finish with a unique 'blue' undertone to create ultra natural contours and 'shadows' without any harsh lines. 


Ultra flattering highlighter with a warm gold undertone gives an instant lift to the features, while the sheer gel-crème blusher blends transparently creating a youthful flush.


Enriched with anti-ageing Suberlift™, anti-oxidant Nyamplung Oil™ and Vitamin complex. PARABEN FREE




  • All-in-one pro kit with unique and true contouring shade for pro sculpting at home.
  • Enriched with anti-ageing Suberlift™ to firm and tighten.



Price: £30.00
Application:Watch video
Ingredients: See ingredients
Size: 9.3g 0.33oz

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